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Custom Pre-Roll Tubes


The perfect swag to promote your business: THE DOOB TUBE! Seals in freshness to protect against roughhousing and keeps your herb as potent as it’s meant to be. Stay in your customers’ hearts and on their minds. Just slap your logo on these and toss one in with every order or with every cartridge. Everybody loves a Doob Tube! Each pre-roll blunt tube has a child-resistant pop top.


Quantity 1,0003,0005,00010,000

Setup Fee(G): $60 + $40 for each additional color
Lead Time: 7-12 business days
Material:  BPA free plastic, child-resistant
Available Colors: Black, Green, Blue, White, Clear, and Purple
Size: 98mm, 116 mm (All sizes are the same price.)
Additional Color Run Charge(C): $.25 per color


These custom joint “doob” tubes are perfect for smokers on the go. They are a great inexpensive way for you to promote your business! Custom print your design and give them to all of your customers or patients with each order or visit! Every time your clients reach in their pocket or purse, they will think of your store or office!

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