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Welcome to our custom BIC lighters product category! Here, you’ll find three fantastic models to choose from: the custom J26 Maxi BIC lighter, the custom wrapped BIC lighter, and the custom BIC EZ Reach lighter. With our diverse printing options and the ability to purchase wholesale in bulk, you can create personalized custom lighters that perfectly match your needs.

  1. Custom J26 Maxi BIC Lighter: The custom J26 Maxi BIC lighter is a popular choice for those seeking a reliable and durable lighter. Its larger size allows for a comfortable grip and extended usage. With our customization options, you can imprint your logo, artwork, or message on the lighter, making it an ideal promotional item or personalized gift. Whether you’re looking to enhance brand awareness or create a memorable keepsake, the custom J26 Maxi BIC lighter is a fantastic choice.
  2. Custom Wrapped BIC Lighter: For a touch of creativity and style, our custom wrapped BIC lighters are perfect. These lighters feature a unique wrap that covers the entire body, providing ample space for eye-catching designs or detailed branding. Whether you want to showcase your company’s logo, incorporate vibrant colors, or include intricate patterns, our custom wrapped BIC lighters offer an excellent canvas for your creativity. These lighters are not only functional but also serve as eye-catching accessories or promotional tools.
  3. Custom BIC EZ Reach Lighter: Convenience meets customization with our custom BIC EZ Reach lighter. This model features an extended wand, allowing for easier lighting of candles, grills, or any other hard-to-reach places. With our printing options, you can personalize the body of the lighter with your desired artwork, message, or logo. The custom EZ Reach lighter is a practical and unique product that combines functionality and personalization.

Printing Options: We offer a range of printing options to ensure that your custom BIC lighters reflect your vision accurately. Whether you prefer full-color designs, vibrant logos, or elegant corporate branding, our printing capabilities can accommodate your requirements. Our team is skilled in reproducing intricate details and vibrant colors, ensuring that your custom lighters make a lasting impression.

Wholesale and Bulk Orders: We understand the importance of meeting your business needs, which is why we offer wholesale options for bulk orders. Whether you’re planning a large-scale event, reselling custom lighters, or looking for corporate giveaways, our wholesale program provides competitive pricing and ensures timely delivery. Get in touch with our sales team to discuss your requirements and receive a personalized quote.

Elevate your branding, promotional efforts, or gifting with our custom BIC lighters. Choose from the custom J26 Maxi BIC lighter, custom wrapped BIC lighter, or custom BIC EZ Reach lighter, and take advantage of our versatile printing options. Place your wholesale order today to get started on creating personalized lighters that leave a lasting impression.

Browse our selection of custom Bic lighters that will bring your brand marketing to the next level. Allow your customers and clients to be a walking billboard while they light anything with your custom Bic Lighter. Branding your products is important but within the Cannabis industry it is imperative that your name is the loudest on the market. Nothing is louder then the constant need of lighters and having a custom Bic lighter is the ideal solution to grow your brand and look stylish.