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Discover our selection of customizable 1 1/4 size rolling paper booklets that elevate your smoking experience while spotlighting your unique style. Perfect for personal use, promotional events, or as novelty gifts, our offerings can be fully personalized to reflect your vision.

  1. With or Without Tips: Choose based on your preference – our booklets come in options with integrated tips for convenience and smoother smoking experience, or without tips for the traditionalists who prefer to roll their own.
  2. Full-Color Printing: Show off your creativity or brand identity with our full-color printing service. Whether you want to incorporate intricate designs, vibrant graphics, or text in various hues, we ensure high-resolution, crisp, and color-accurate prints that won’t smudge or fade.
  3. Paper Material: Craft your perfect roll with our selection of quality materials. Opt for our unbleached rice paper for a slow and even burn, our eco-friendly hemp option for a natural and sustainable alternative, or the classic wood pulp for its durability and reliable performance.

Browse through our category to find the perfect match for your rolling needs. Our custom 1 1/4 size rolling paper booklets are designed to combine your personal aesthetics with an enhanced smoking experience. Enjoy the freedom of creating something truly unique and the satisfaction of a quality roll with every use.