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Blog / Cannabusiness

Cannabis Brand Swag Regulations
Everything You Need to Know About Cannabis Brand Swag Regulations

When you were younger, did you ever go to a friend’s birthday party and get sent home with a bag of goodies after it was over? This bag would often be filled with treats that followed the party’s …

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5 Legal Considerations When Starting a Hemp Business
5 Legal Considerations When Starting a Hemp Business

One of this year’s hemp trends to watch was an increase in hemp farming. Hemp offers many benefits that make it an appealing crop for farmers to begin to grow, especially as climate change, trade wa …

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Weed Packaging How to Stay Compliant with State Laws
Weed Packaging: How to Stay Compliant with State Laws

There is a lot that goes into your favorite product’s packaging. From nutrition labels for food to allergy warnings and even hazard notices, labels and packages do a lot of heavy lifting. The packag …

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cannabis labeling laws
A Guide to Cannabis Labeling Laws

If you’re running a cannabis store or medical marijuana dispensary, you need to get your product packaging right. Marijuana businesses must adhere to various laws, including cannabis labeling laws. …

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