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Cannabis Branding: A How-To Guide for First-Timers

Whether you’re running a dispensary, a growing operation, a delivery service, or an ancillary business in the cannabis industry, one of the keys to success is effective cannabis branding. Considering what you want your brand to represent and how to build your brand identity is especially important for startups, but it’s just as important for […]

Cannabis Branding A How-To Guide for First-Timers

Whether you’re running a dispensary, a growing operation, a delivery service, or an ancillary business in the cannabis industry, one of the keys to success is effective cannabis branding. Considering what you want your brand to represent and how to build your brand identity is especially important for startups, but it’s just as important for established businesses.

Cannabis branding can be tough. Although the country is becoming more and more accepting of cannabis legalization, there are still certain legal restrictions when it comes to running a cannabis business and there’s still some public stigma around marijuana use. You’ll want to build a brand that’s accessible to a wide variety of customers while being legally compliant.

Everything from the name and logo you choose to the way you market your business is important. You’ll want to use the most effective methods for promoting your brand, keeping customers satisfied, and building an excellent brand identity over time. Luckily, we have some tips to help. Here’s a cannabis branding how-to guide for first-timers.

Get To Terms With Cannabis Advertising Laws

If you’re running a marijuana business, then it helps to know about cannabis advertising laws. Although cannabis is becoming legal in more and more states, there are still certain laws and restrictions in place when it comes to how you can promote products. As such, you’ll have to avoid certain platforms and modes of advertising when you promote your brand.

The laws on advertising marijuana differ in each state so it’s important to check your local laws. However, many states follow the same basic principles. For example, Washington State Laws state that marijuana advertising must not be misleading, promote overconsumption, make health claims, or make marijuana appealing to children or those under 21.

You should avoid traditional forms of advertising such as TV commercials, radio advertisements, and billboards. Marijuana advertisements are also banned from certain platforms. For instance, Facebook and Google restrict most paid advertisements for marijuana businesses and, as such, you’ll need to get creative about how you promote your brand.

Fortunately, there are various effective methods you can use to promote your brand. Most cannabis companies utilize digital marketing to boost brand awareness. While digital forms of promotion such as using SEO and social media will likely be your main focus, you can also promote your brand physically by attending events and using custom-branded products.

Consider Your Brand Name And Logo Carefully

Consider Your Brand Name And Logo Carefully

One of the most important parts of building a brand is coming up with a memorable name and an eye-catching logo. While some companies might not put much thought into these, they’re important brand materials, and spending some time on them can have a hugely positive impact on creating a successful brand.

When it comes to naming your brand, you’ll want a name that’s catchy and succinct. Creating a name that sums up what your brand offers without being too generic is ideal. It also helps to have a name that’ll look good on branded products. Don’t forget to check that your brand name is available to trademark- forgetting to do so can cause all kinds of problems.

Your logo is arguably just as important, if not more. Plastering an eye-catching logo on products and packaging can boost your brand awareness significantly. Just think of how you can instantly identify a Starbucks or McDonald’s logo. It’s best to have your logo designed by a professional to ensure that it’s stylish, original, and stands out.

Many brands and companies use green cannabis leaves in their logos and terms like “cannabis” and “marijuana” in their name. This can be an effective approach, especially if you’re trying to make yourself easily discoverable to consumers or clients. However, you might want to stray away from these and take a different approach to differentiate yourself from your competition.

Make An Outstanding Website For Your Cannabis Brand

Another one of the most crucial parts of building a strong cannabis brand is to have a well-built website. Today, digital marketing is more important than ever, and the majority of consumers research companies and products online before they purchase. As such, you’ll want to take your website seriously.

Your brand website can have all kinds of practical uses. From the front page, you can inform viewers about what you can offer them and why they should use your business. You can also provide some backstory on your company and what you do- this will help you build a clear brand identity.

Marijuana brands in some states even offer marijuana delivery through their websites using online shopping software. However, even if you can’t sell your products online, you should offer an online menu. Users often want to check what a business offers before they visit, so this can be huge for getting the attention of new customers.

Your brand website should be fast, well-designed, and be easy to navigate from computer browsers as well as mobile phones. If your website doesn’t meet these criteria, potential customers can quickly be put off. Getting professional help to build and develop your website is a worthwhile investment that can do wonders for your brand in the long run.

Promote Your Cannabis Brand On Social Media

Promote Your Cannabis Brand On Social Media

Social media marketing is one of the most practical and effective ways to build brand awareness in the 21s century. Nowadays, many customers find out about brands on social media before they hear about them anywhere else. Social media can help you get noticed by potential new customers as well as build a strong following for your brand.

Some of the most popular social media platforms are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and Linkedin. You’ll want to start a page for your brand on some of these platforms, if not all of them. You can use these sites to get involved in discussions, interact with customers, and post engaging content that can bring your brand to many peoples’ awareness.

Each social media platform is different. For instance, Twitter only allows you to make short text posts, although it can also be great for posting pictures and videos. Instagram is purely image-based whereas Linkedin is designed for professional use. It’s important to adapt your approach to each platform. For instance, you can use Twitter for posting information and promotions whereas Instagram can be used for product images and interesting videos.

Another one of the best ways to promote your cannabis brand on social media is by getting in touch with influencers. Users with large followings can post images with your products that’ll be seen by many loyal followers, instantly boosting awareness and recognition of your brand. This usually involves offering influencers free products or financial incentives, but it’s well worth it.

Make Use Of Custom-Branded Cannabis Products

Although many cannabis companies rely on digital marketing to boost their brand, don’t forget that physical forms of promotion are just as important. Research shows that using branded products is one of the most impactful ways to increase brand awareness and customer loyalty.

Think about it- when a customer has a product with your name and logo printed on it, they’re much more likely to remember your business and buy from you again. If it’s a high-quality product, they’ll be even more impressed and likely to tell their friends. What’s more, their friends will see these products and also become aware of your brand.

Many companies promote themselves using branded products such as pens, t-shirts, and mugs. However, one of the great things about the cannabis industry is that consumers are constantly in need of cannabis accessories. As such, you can have a major impact by offering products like custom branded Grinders, Rolling Papers, and Lighters. Custom cannabis packaging also helps. Every time your customers use these products, they’ll be reminded of your brand.

There are many practical ways to utilize custom-branded cannabis products. Selling them at your point-of-sale is particularly helpful- many customers will grab one of these as an add-on purchase. You can also offer them as promotional gifts at cannabis events and trade shows. Whichever way, these products will help massively with your cannabis branding.

Focus On Local Marketing And SEO

Focus On Local Marketing And SEO

Many cannabis companies are restricted in who they can sell to. For instance, if you’re running a dispensary or cannabis store, you can only sell cannabis products to customers within your state. As such, it helps to focus on promoting your brand locally as opposed to nationally.

There are many good ways to do this. One of the first things you should do is list your company on as many local directories as possible. Google My Business is especially important as this will get your business listed on Google Maps. However, you should also list your brand on cannabis directories such as Leafly and Weedmaps.

It can also help to focus on local SEO. This involves using targeted keywords to make your brand website visible to local consumers. For instance, using search terms like “best cannabis dispensary in Fort Lauderdale, Florida” will have a much greater impact than simply “cannabis dispensary”. It’s best to get an SEO service to help you build your brand’s visibility on Google.

As more local consumers become aware of your brand, they’ll tell your friends and you’ll quickly see an increase in loyal customers. These tips are less important for cannabis businesses that can operate nationally, such as ancillary services, but they can still help.

Attend Cannabis Events And Business Expos

Another fantastic way to get your cannabis brand out there is to start attending cannabis events. Whether you’re promoting yourself locally or globally, these events can help introduce your brand to many new people in a short time.

There are many types of cannabis events. Cannabis business expos are perfect for networking with people in the industry and learning more about how to build your brand. They’re also ideal for ancillary services who want to introduce themselves to potential clients.

You can also find various cannabis exhibitions and festivals targeted at general cannabis consumers. Many of these allow businesses to operate stalls. This gives you a great opportunity to boost your brand by selling or giving away custom branded cannabis products and introducing your company to many new people.

Make sure you check cannabis event listings frequently to find opportunities to promote your brand. As well as cannabis-based events, you might also be able to operate a stall at events such as music festivals or other local events.

Deliver Consistent High-Quality Customer Service

Deliver Consistent High-Quality Customer Service

Don’t forget that a big part of branding is how you treat your customers. Maintaining a good reputation is tough and one bad review can turn many potential customers away from your business. As such, delivering high-quality customer service is crucial.

There are many ways to improve your customer service. Ideally, you want to be as accessible as possible to your customers. Offering live help features on your website can help significantly with this- this allows existing and new customers to instantly get help with any queries or complaints they have.

You should also be active on social media. Many consumers nowadays contact companies through Facebook or Twitter to get quick customer service. Responding to them swiftly can result in you gaining a loyal customer. Failing to respond quickly enough can result in you losing a customer for good.

Remember to offer as much help as possible to customers and always keep a friendly tone. You should also make sure you offer an excellent customer experience for everyone who walks in your doors. When consumers have a good experience with your brand, they’re more likely to give you good reviews and recommend your brand to their friends.


Effective cannabis branding can be tough, but there are many effective methods to help you build a strong cannabis brand. Make sure you have a good brand name and logo from the get-go and use digital marketing to get your brand out there. You should also make use of custom branded cannabis products and events to increase brand awareness. For more advice and resources on cannabis branding, visit CannabisPromotions.