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A Guide to Cannabis Labeling Laws

If you’re running a cannabis store or medical marijuana dispensary, you need to get your product packaging right. Marijuana businesses must adhere to various laws, including cannabis labeling laws. The rules on how to package and label your products can vary from state-to-state, so it’s important to know exactly what you need to do. Labeling […]

cannabis labeling laws

If you’re running a cannabis store or medical marijuana dispensary, you need to get your product packaging right. Marijuana businesses must adhere to various laws, including cannabis labeling laws. The rules on how to package and label your products can vary from state-to-state, so it’s important to know exactly what you need to do.

Labeling rules often require that you include certain information such as the THC content of the product. There are also guidelines on how to package different types of products, such as weed, edibles, and liquid products. Although packaging rules will depend on where you’re operating your business, some of these laws apply pretty much everywhere. Here’s a guide to cannabis labeling laws.

Packaging Must Be Child Proof And Tamper Proof

While cannabis labeling and packaging laws vary from state-to-state, the most important law that every business must adhere to is packaging products in safe, child-resistant packaging. Whether you’re selling cannabis flower, edibles, tinctures or any other kind of product, you must ensure it’s packaged in a way that’s extremely difficult for young children to access while still being accessible for adults.

cannabis packaging laws child proof

There are many ways to go about this and the type of packaging you should use depends on the product. For instance, loose cannabis flower is often packaged in plastic containers with childproof lids. These are hard to open without applying significant force. Some products are simply packaged in cardboard boxes yet have plastic inserts inside that are significantly difficult to open.

Your packaging must also be tamper-proof. That means that it’s packaged in a way that consumers will be able to tell if the packaging has been opened. Fortunately, you can find many companies that offer high-quality cannabis packaging designed to maintain freshness while being tamper-proof and child-resistant. Some cannabis stores even use custom branded exit bags.

Packaging Should Display THC/CBD Content

Another one of the most important cannabis labeling laws you need to consider is that packaging needs to contain information about the contents. Not only do you need to indicate the type of product the packaging includes, but you should also include details on the cannabinoid content of said products.

You’ll notice that when you buy cannabis in-store, products have labeling that indicates how much THC the product includes. Weed usually includes a percentage as well as a quantity of THC. Products such as Edibles and Tinctures often also include serving sizes and dosage recommendations to ensure customers don’t use too much.

The exact information that needs to be included may vary depending on where you’re operating. While practically all states require you to list the THC content, some also require details on CBD and potentially even other components. Make sure that each product has clear, detailed labeling applied to help inform customers on exactly what they’re buying.

Packaging Should Display The Risks Of Cannabis Use

As time goes on, cannabis is becoming increasingly accepted and the social stigma surrounding cannabis use is becoming less prominent. There are now many studies out there on the medical benefits of cannabis and there’s now much less concern and misconceptions about the danger of cannabis use.

packaging laws for cannabis

But while cannabis has many positives, there are still some risks. For instance, smoking cannabis may be harmful to your lungs and cannabis use can cause anxiety and paranoia in some users. Many states now require you to include warning labels on your products, much like with cigarettes.

The information you must include varies from state-to-state. Many states require that you include a specific paragraph regarding the risks of cannabis whereas some require you to include short statements such as “There may be health risks associated with consumption of this product”. Check your local labeling laws and be sure to display the required warnings on every product label.

Other Important Labeling Laws

The most important cannabis packaging and labeling rules are to include details on the contents, risks, and package products in tamperproof and child-resistant packaging. However, there are some other important details you may have to include.

Some states require that you include your business details. For instance, Washington laws state that cannabis products must include “the business or trade name and Washington state unified business identifier number of the licensees that produced, processed, and sold the marijuana.” Other states also require identifying information.

States where cannabis is only legal for medical use often require you to indicate that products are for medical use only. You may also need to include other information, such as product weight and the source and date of manufacture.

Requirements Vary By Product And Location

The rules on how to package cannabis products vary widely. While some overarching guidelines apply everywhere, some states have requirements that other states don’t. As such, it’s important to check the exact laws and restrictions of your state to ensure you package and label products appropriately.

Information that you should include will also vary depending on the type of product. For instance, since Edibles are food products, you should also include nutritional information. Products such as Edibles, Capsules, and Tinctures should include also information on how much to take and how much THC/CBD each serving contains.

Make sure that you use the most appropriate packaging you can for each product. For instance, some products require airtight packaging to maintain freshness. Fortunately, some companies provide high-quality cannabis packaging to help with each retailer’s respective needs.


Various legal requirements that come with selling cannabis. Not only do you need to be cautious with your marketing and the products you sell, but you also need to make sure you keep up with cannabis labeling laws.

Each state has different requirements when it comes to how to package cannabis products and what information should be included on the labels. Make sure you check your local laws and package every product appropriately. Every product should be packaged safely to keep it fresh while also making it too difficult for children to access.

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