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7 Cannabis Business Social Networks

With so many cannabis businesses cropping up, it’s essential to market your cannabusiness to stay ahead of the competition. There are many ways to do this from sending out sales promotions to creating custom branded cannabis products. However, one of the best ways to promote your brand is via cannabis business social networks. Social media […]

With so many cannabis businesses cropping up, it’s essential to market your cannabusiness to stay ahead of the competition. There are many ways to do this from sending out sales promotions to creating custom branded cannabis products. However, one of the best ways to promote your brand is via cannabis business social networks.

Social media marketing is one of the most effective forms of marketing in 2019. While you should be making use of popular platforms such as Facebook and Instagram, there are also social media networks geared specifically towards cannabis businesses and consumers. Using these is a fantastic way to promote your products directly to your target demographic. Here are seven cannabis business social networks to make use of.

1. MassRoots

Founded in 2013 by then college students Isaac Dietrich and Tyler Knight, MassRoots is one of the first social networks tailored specifically towards cannabis users. The initial app and website grew fast, with many users hearing about it through web forums and word of mouth. Now, it’s one of the premier websites for those looking to find the best dispensaries, products, and simply learn more about cannabis.

With over 1,000,000 cannabis users connecting to MassRoots, it’s a perfect place for dispensaries to attract new customers. The website makes it easy to register your business and get listed, allowing tons of people to find you. MassRoots also lists strains and products and even delivers the latest news in the industry to users, so every cannabis business can benefit from this innovative platform.


2. LeafWire

LeafWire is a cannabis business network which connects investors with new and upcoming cannabis businesses. If you’re planning on starting a cannabis business and need funding, this is the place for you. The site is purely for professionals in the industry, and their straightforward platform makes it easy for cannabis businesses to find investors and investors to find businesses worth investing in.

LeafWire is also a prime spot to network with other professionals in the industry. In fact, those with experience in the cannabis sector can even find their next job via the LeafWire platform. This is a fantastic social network for any cannabis entrepreneur, as well as any professionals trying to break into the industry.

3. WeedMaps

WeedMaps is one of the biggest online communities for cannabis. Many weed lovers will have used this site at some point, usually to find local stores and dispensaries. However, the platform also has reviews of strains, brands, and social features where users can share posts and images.

It’s particularly useful for dispensaries. If you want to reach more customers, then registering your business on WeedMaps is a great way to do so. Many people head to WeedMaps when they need to find dispensaries in their area, and some even offer online ordering through the platform. You can also use its social features to promote your products and post your latest deals to catch the attention of potential customers.

4. WeedLife

WeedLife is an all-encompassing marijuana social network for consumers and businesses to discuss everything related to marijuana. It has an easy-to-use website along with mobile apps for all smartphones, making it easily accessible to cannabis lovers across the world. Many users now go to WeedLife for the latest weed news and to check out cannabis products and stores in their area.

WeedLife can be a solid network for businesses to promote their services directly to potential consumers. You can get your dispensary listed on their dispensary map and post your latest deals and promotions. WeedLife is also closely connected to another network designed specifically for cannabis professionals- MJLink.


5. MJLink

MJLink describes itself specifically as the cannabis business social network. Think LinkedIn designed specifically for professionals in the cannabis industry. With a wide-ranging network of cannabis sellers, growers, manufacturers, marketers, lawyers, and a whole lot more, it’s one of the greatest places to network if you’re a marijuana entrepreneur.

MJLink and its partner site WeedLife attract over 2.6 million users a month, and while it might not be as huge as Facebook or Twitter, it’s a massive network of people enthusiastic about cannabis. As such, your business can make use of both of these tailored networks to market your brand to cannabis users and network with like-minded professionals.

6. Duby

Duby was initially designed as a social network for cannabis users to connect anonymously. With many people getting into trouble with their career or getting banned from traditional social media networks due to posting about marijuana, founders Russell Thomas and Alec Rochford wanted to create a platform where marijuana lovers could post about it risk-free.

Duby now attracts hundreds of thousands of users via their mobile app. It’s also been featured in various media outlets from CNBC to Fortune. Duby also makes it easy for cannabis businesses to market themselves to their massive network of consumers with plenty of options for promotion.

7. LinkedIn

While it’s not tailored to the cannabis community, LinkedIn is still a must-use for any cannabis business or marijuana entrepreneur. It’s the largest professional social network on the web and the best social media platform to network with other professionals. There are also plenty of ways to promote your business via LinkedIn.

Cannabis businesses can get their name out there by joining Groups related to the cannabis industry. It’s also a great social network for posting content- you can even create blogs directly on the LinkedIn platform. Every cannabusiness should utilize LinkedIn as a business social network.



The cannabis industry is growing fast and social media marketing is an incredibly effective way to reach potential customers. While traditional social networks shouldn’t be neglected, these unique and innovative social media platforms are tailored specifically to cannabis businesses and consumers.

Whether you’re operating a cannabis store, dispensary or any other kind of business in the industry, you should make use of these cannabis business social networks. Not only do they make for prime spots for networking, but they can also help you promote your brand and market yourself directly to cannabis consumers.