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5 Ways to Market your Cannabusiness

If you want to market your cannabusiness, you need to get creative. Just as with any other industry, if you’re starting any kind of cannabis company, you’ll need to market yourself to get your name out there and attract customers and clients. With such a unique and innovative sector, you’ll need to take a modern […]

If you want to market your cannabusiness, you need to get creative. Just as with any other industry, if you’re starting any kind of cannabis company, you’ll need to market yourself to get your name out there and attract customers and clients. With such a unique and innovative sector, you’ll need to take a modern approach to marketing as well.

There are all kinds of ways to market your cannabis business and many people you can market to. Whether you’re trying to bring in a young demographic to sell recreational products or selling medical products to the elderly, there are many effective ways to get their attention. Here are some of the best ways to market your cannabusiness.

1. Make Use of Social Media

Social media is one of the most impactful ways to market any business in today’s digital age. It’s also especially effective for cannabis businesses. If you want to attract the attention of a younger, digital-savvy audience, making your brand known on social media is vital.

Make Use of Social Media

There are many ways you can do this, and it often depends on the platform. For instance, if you’re marketing a marijuana store, you can offer sales promotions on Twitter complete with targeted hashtags. Alternatively, take to Instagram and post high-quality photos of your products to draw in cannabis lovers.

You can even find social media platforms specifically for cannabis users. Check out sites such as MassRoots and WeedLife and you can connect directly with your target audience. Make sure you schedule regular posts across multiple social media networks- it’s a simple and effective marketing method that can build traction for your business quickly.

2. Create Custom Branded Products

Having a unique brand identity and recognizable marketing materials is just as important as ever. That’s why having custom branded products can help. Just think- would you rather buy a bland, unlabeled product or something that’s eye-catching with a standout logo that instantly demands your attention?

Of course, doing this for cannabis products will take some tailoring since products need to be specially packaged. However, you can now get custom branded products specifically for your cannabis business with sites such as Whether you need custom rolling papers, lighters, grinders or packaging, you can order them here.

Having custom branded products and packaging is something that can make a huge impact when it comes to brand awareness. Not only will your products look more legitimate and desirable, but people will begin to become familiar with your logo and seek out your products.

3. Make Your Business Visible Online

Having an online presence is also crucial. While being active on social media platforms is part of this, there are various ways you can use the internet to your advantage when it comes to marketing your cannabusiness.

If you don’t already have a website set up, it’s time to have one built. There are many professional web design services which can create a professional and functional website for your company. Not only is it a way that customers can find you, but you can even sell products online to expand your profits fast.

Many consumers nowadays look for products online before they buy. By ensuring your website is visible to them, you’ll be much more likely to gain new customers and make more sales. Having a website can also help significantly when it comes to other marketing methods.

Make Your Business Visible Online

You should also get your company listed on online directories. Signing up on Google My Business will make your business visible on Google Maps- something that helps enormously when it comes to selling to local consumers. You should also get your business listed on cannabis directories such as WeedMaps.

4. Finetune Your SEO Strategy

Another one of the most important digital marketing methods to utilize is SEO marketing. SEO stands for search engine optimization, although you might also know it as search engine marketing. It involves a range of practices geared at getting your website to the front page of Google for specific keywords where it’s more visible to potential customers.

Having a well-designed website and registering your business on Google My Business can help with this. You should also focus on creating targeted content using a content management system such as WordPress. For instance, a Portland marijuana store might create blogs such as “Best Cannabis Strains to Buy in Portland”. 

The more specific your blog titles are, the more likely you are to make it to the top of Google. There are also other methods which can help, such as linking your blogs to other blogs, attracting links from external websites, and promoting your content via email and social media. SEO can be tricky to master, so it can help to pay for a professional marketing service to help you here.

5. Attend Conventions and Talk to Press

With the marijuana industry gaining so much attention nowadays, it helps to take advantage of it. Many press outlets and websites often look to interview cannabis businesses when it comes to news about the industry. Even major outlets such as Forbes pump out a lot of stories about upcoming marijuana companies.

Attend Conventions and Talk to Press

It can also help to attend cannabis conventions. There are now many of these created specifically for cannabis companies to network, promote themselves, and talk to journalists with an interest in the sector. Get to as many of these as you can to get your name out there.

Being as PR-friendly as possible will help a lot when it comes to building brand recognition. The more positive press you can garner, the better.


Cannabis is becoming more and more popular, especially as legalization becomes more widespread. Marijuana entrepreneurs should take advantage of multiple marketing methods to expand their reach and attract as many customers as possible.

The more you get your brand out there, the better. Having an easy-to-find website will help with this, as will creating targeted content and having branded products with your logo. Plus, the more you bring in customers and impress them, the more people you’ll attract simply through word of mouth.