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15 Cannabis YouTube Channels You Should Watch

In the past, marijuana was seen as a largely niche and taboo subject. Mainstream entertainment talking frankly about pot was practically non-existent, and guides on how to roll a joint or pack a bowl were hard to find outside of a few elusive web forums. Many marijuana lovers were left craving online videos giving them […]

15 Cannabis YouTube Channels You Should Watch

In the past, marijuana was seen as a largely niche and taboo subject. Mainstream entertainment talking frankly about pot was practically non-existent, and guides on how to roll a joint or pack a bowl were hard to find outside of a few elusive web forums. Many marijuana lovers were left craving online videos giving them more guidance on the ins and outs of growing and using cannabis.

Fortunately, the attitudes around weed have changed massively in the past decade. For instance, you can now find guides across the web on everything from the best ways to smoke weed to how to start a cannabis business. Not only that, but there are tons of great cannabis YouTube channels you should watch whether you’re a smoker, grower, or cannabis entrepreneur.

For example, those looking for advice on what cannabis products to buy can find many channels offering impartial reviews on strains, concentrates, accessories, and more. You can also find all kinds of educational guides related to pot. Cannabis growing channels are also becoming increasingly common. Plus, if you just need something to chill and listen to when you’re high, there are many great cannabis podcasts and web shows to check out.

These kinds of videos are now all over the world’s most famous video platform. However, you might want a few recommendations to add to your subscription list. Here are 15 cannabis YouTube channels you should watch.

1. Strain Show

Hailing out of Denver, Colorado, the Strain Show is a YouTube channel by a dedicated pot grower and enthusiast covering everything you’d want to know about pot. Those who want to grow weed themselves can find educational guides on things like how to feed cannabis the right nutrients or the best gear for growing at home.

The channel doesn’t just cover growing, either. You can also find videos covering the history of marijuana – perfect for listening to while high. Additionally, you’ll find helpful product reviews on vaporizers, cannabis vape carts, dabs, and more. All of these videos provide interesting information in a lighthearted, entertaining tone, making for a particularly enjoyable viewing session.

2. Mr. Canucks Grow

Mr. Canucks Grow is another top YouTube channel mainly dedicated to growing cannabis. The channel has almost a million subscribers thanks to its wealth of educational content, high production value, and enjoyable style. Whether you’re a complete beginner to growing cannabis or trying to become a professional you’ll find everything you need to know here.

Some of the most popular videos on the channel include guides to drying and curing cannabis, how to grow cannabis from your closet, and making hash from trim. With many of these videos being upwards of 20 or 30 minutes, these guides are particularly detailed and you won’t miss any important information. It’s by far one of the greatest free resources for marijuana enthusiasts out there.

Mr. Canucks Grow

3. Dope As Yola

Not every cannabis channel is full of complex guides. If you’re simply looking for something fun to watch when you’re high, Dopa As Yola is always a good bet. The channel has been around for over a decade and accumulated 1.59 million subscribers and has even been featured in Forbes. This is largely thanks to a collection of hilarious and lighthearted videos that stoners will love.

The “Story Time” series features some hilarious and often relatable stories about getting high. The channel also features fun reviews of vape carts, strains, and all kinds of other cannabis products. You can even find Yola getting stoned with other YouTube influencers. The channel also features some popular guides, such as how to roll a cross-joint.

4. That High Couple

That High Couple is another top marijuana YouTube channel that’s just plain fun to watch. While YouTube is packed full of channels where couples share stories, take challenges, and record their adventures together, many of these channels are far too generic. That High Couple takes a unique spin on the format by infusing some marijuana into the mix.

Throughout the channel, you’ll find fun reviews on things like cannabis-infused ketchup, joint-rolling machines, and celebrity strains. The couple also takes on fun challenges – such as a 5k run under the influence of marijuana edibles. Other popular videos include $1,420 worth of stoner gifts, how to use a gas mask bong, and buying everything from a $4.20 store.

5. CannaCribs

If you ever enjoyed getting a glimpse of the best celebrity mansions on MTV Cribs, you’ll probably enjoy CannaCribs. The difference is that this channel explores some of the coolest commercial cannabis growing operations throughout the world. They also visit dispensaries and interview influential people in the cannabis industry.

It’s a great channel to watch if you’re interested in working at a cannabis farm or even starting a cultivation business yourself. In addition to tours of cannabis growing facilities, the channel also features some valuable guides and tutorials for growers. The tone is more serious than many other cannabis channels, making it good for those who are serious about learning.

6. Haley420

With 838,000 subscribers and 298 videos to browse, Haley420 is another YouTube channel worth checking out if you’re a cannabis fan. While it’s not required viewing for those looking for serious guides on growing cannabis or starting a business, it’s a great channel for those times when you’re high and want some fun cannabis-related content.

The channel mainly features entertaining cannabis challenges, such as hitting a 2-gram dab of wax, smoking a joint rolled in a corn husk, and smoking a 10-foot volcano vaporizer bag. You’ll also find a few reviews on products such as rosin dabs and cannabis vaporizers. Overall, it’s a good channel to subscribe to if you’re looking for fun, lighthearted videos.

Future Cannabis Project

7. Future Cannabis Project

If you’re looking for long-form, educational content on everything to do with cannabis, make sure you check out Future Cannabis Project. The channel covers all kinds of topics, including cannabis cultivation, breeding, extraction, education, advocacy, policy, health, science, and business.

The channel is packed with interesting content, including roundtables with cannabis growers, breeders, business people, and other interesting guests. You can also find a range of guides on growing, drying, and curing cannabis, as well as information on starting a cannabis business. Many of the videos are an hour or more so make sure you set some time aside for this channel.

8. Ruffhouse Studios

RuffHouse Studios is a YouTube channel dedicated to covering cannabis culture. It offers a range of entertaining content tailored to cannabis enthusiasts. For instance, you can find handy tips and tricks, in-depth tutorials, cannabis strain reviews, growing guides, and even humorous content such as the “Stoned Trailers” parody series.

There’s something for everyone and a video for every mood. If you want to try something new, you can find reviews on all kinds of cannabis products and accessories. If you’re looking to get high, you can find fun tutorials on how to make pot brownies or how to use a joint rolling machine. If you’re already high and just want to laugh, their comedic skits are the way to go.

9. From Seed To Stoned

From Seed to Stoned is a top cannabis YouTube channel with 635,000 subscribers. The channel is full of in-depth guides and educational content on topics such as indoor growing, cloning cannabis, and boosting your yields. While most of the content focuses on growing, you can also find guides on making cannabis oil, cooking edibles, and even how to blow glass pipes.

Most of the videos are around 7 to 15 minutes yet they pack plenty of useful information. Plus, with an entertaining and easy-to-digest style, you’ll probably end up wanting to watch a bunch of them. Their most popular guides have millions of views and tons of positive comments so you can rest assured you’ll be getting some good edutainment.

10. Seby G

Some cannabis YouTube channels are run by large organizations with high production values and plenty of contributors. But if you’re looking for a channel run by a solo stoner sharing their love of pot, you might want to check out Seby G. The channel has been open for just over a year yet has already amassed 121,000 subscribers.

The channel is full of reviews and musings on all kinds of marijuana products and accessories. Whether you’re looking for insights on vape carts or dab pens or pre-rolls, you’ll find something to suit your fancy. Plus, with 4 new videos uploaded each week, you won’t run out of content to watch.

Cali Green

11. Cali Green

Cali Green is one of the greatest YouTube channels for those interested in cannabis cultivation. The channel was built by Hank, a medical cannabis cultivation expert with a passion for sharing reliable information on planting, growing, harvesting, drying, and curing high-quality cannabis flower strains.

You can find documentaries on the entire seed-to-harvest process and gain some insight into growing your favorite strains. The videos are highly informative and you can also find some interesting shorts if you’re looking for some quick entertainment.

12. The Cannabis Experts

The Cannabis Experts is a highly entertaining channel for anyone interested in cannabis. While most cannabis channels are American or Canadian, this channel is operated by the London Seed Centre in England. The channel focuses on delivering scientific answers to common questions, like how passive smoking affects you and whether big puffs are better than small puffs.

The videos are delivered in a fun, cartoonish style while still giving you valuable, scientifically-backed information. Most of the videos are short – usually around 2 to 5 minutes – but this will just make you want to watch as many as possible in each sitting.

13. Complex

Complex isn’t strictly a cannabis channel. Most people will know the magazine for covering topics like music, fashion, and sports. With that said, the channel also boasts some of the best cannabis content on YouTube, from the Motor City High series to a range of fun guides and tutorials.

One of the great things about Complex’s cannabis content is it often involves famous names. For instance, you can watch “Redman’s Guide to Rolling a Blunt” or find videos like “Waka Flocka Hires A Weed Roller for $50K”. Of course, there’s also plenty of pop culture content to sink your teeth into when you’re high.

14. Papa Shain

Papa Shain is a great channel to watch during chilled-out smoking sessions. While it’s not as big as some of the other cannabis YouTube channels out there, it’s full of 271 fun videos covering all kinds of fun cannabis-related topics.

If you’re trying to figure out which strain to buy next, you’ll find plenty of strain reviews here. You can also find tons of videos related to bongs, pipes, vaporizers, and dab rigs. The videos aren’t too long and offer plenty of entertainment.

Papa Shain

15. CLtv

Last but not least, CLtv is another top cannabis YouTube channel to check out. Short for “Cannabis Lifestyle TV”, CLtv is a web series made by stoners for stoners. You can find tips and tricks for getting stoned, plenty of strain and product reviews, and even some tasty marijuana edible recipes.

Some of the most popular videos on the channel include a guide for making cannabis butter, how to make weed brownies from scratch, and how to roll a blunt with Swisher Sweets. However, with 291 videos in total, there’s plenty to dig into and cannabis lovers are sure to find something that’ll interest them.


Whether you’re looking for educational guides or fun content related to marijuana, these are 15 of the best cannabis YouTube channels you should watch. You might want to subscribe to a range of these channels or even pick out some of the best videos to add to a playlist. That way, you’ll always have some great cannabis content to watch.

Some stoners out there might even want to try starting a cannabis YouTube channel themselves. It’s an excellent way to get involved in the cannabis industry without dealing with huge startup costs. Plus, if you gain a following, you can build your brand and profit using branded merchandise from Cannabis Promotions.